Genealogy Decuyper is very scrupulous about ethics. We are, through our affiliation with different professional groups, signatories of 3 ethical codes which have in common the following:

General duties of genealogists:

probate genealogists undertake to use their expertise and skills in searching the heirs and establishing a correct inheritance devolution.

Obligations to the public and private services with archives:

probate genealogists are required to comply with an absolute discretion on the facts and information they access.

Obligations to the heirs:

probate genealogists should never disclose the address of an heir, without his consent, except to the liquidator of the estate.

Obligation to the liquidators:

probate genealogists are responsible for the research they have conducted with an obligation of means to produce a certified genealogical tree. Probate genealogists are particularly committed to not surrender a portion of their fees in any form whatsoever, directly or indirectly to the liquidator, his relatives or employees.

Obligations to the colleagues:

they aim at having good relations with their colleagues.