Genealogical research is a domain permanently in evolution. It requires not only the patience of a Benedictine monk in the search for heirs, but also a thorough knowledge of all the sources of information, and a strong will to succeed with even the most arduous cases.
This field also demands an impeccable management to deal successfully with all and every case entrusted to us.
Its well-known expertise, professionalism, integrity and honesty makes Genealogy Decuyper the privileged partner of numerous solicitors, lawyers, estate guardians, temporary property administrators and many colleagues abroad.

We are certified as experts in genealogy by the Belgian Civilian Court and by the Tax Administration.

We are certified as experts in genealogy by the New York County Surrogate’s Court. Our expertise is accepted by every court in the US as well as by the bar and other genealogical agencies.

We have collected, in a period of over 60 years, an important and much diversified library of historical archives. These archives enable us to complete successfully investigations which otherwise would have been impossible.
This information together with the intensive use of information technology (custom-built) and other new technologies (Internet, electronic and interactive databases) allow us to validate the coherence and the total reliability of our research activities.