We contact you

It is at the request of a solicitor that we intervene in an estate without known heirs: we trace all the persons who have the right to claim a share in the estate (personal property and real estate).

If the beneficiaries indicated by testament have disappeared, we try to track them down. In the absence of testament we retrace the family history in order to find parents (in life) close to the deceased.

To help us in our search and to speed up this process we may have contacted you by means of a simple questionnaire (which you may be holding in your hand) to obtain information regarding your relatives.

The more accurate the information you will give us, the faster we will be able to conduct our research allowing us to establish our report for the solicitor.

As it is our task to trace ALL the legal heirs of the decedent, we are acting to the benefit of all the people we have traced and who are entitled to a share in the estate. To a certain extent, we have become the trusted partner of the reconstructed family.

We consider it as our duty to assist you as best as we can (strictly within our assignment) and to attend to the interests of everyone concerned.

It is within this framework that we intervene, and that have led us to contact you.