Genealogy Decuyper is the oldest and most important service company for probate genealogy and heirs search in Belgium.

The business was started back in 1942 by Jean VOSSAERT. It possesses an unequalled in-house library with vast collections of research data: obituaries, official publications and a database with a collection of all cases which we have successfully dealt with until now: this comprises thousands of different estates in Belgium and abroad.

In 2005, Mr. Jean Decuyper sold his company. Today it is managed by its third generation of professional genealogists, who are determined to complete successfully the assignments entrusted to them in the interest of all the beneficiaries tracked down by its care and attention.

Since 2009, Genealogy Decuyper provides all Belgian notaries different data sheets with subject dedicated to estate in general. These publications are conducted by specialists as André and Pierre CULOT, Mr Jean-Luc LEDOUX under the auspices of Pf. Hélène CASMAN en Mr. Pierre NICAISE, heading the Scientific Committee.

In 2012, Genealogy Decuyper takes over the Baudouin Storms’ archives, a reknowed genealogist.

In 2013, Genealogy Decuyper opens an office in Canada to cover the North American continent.